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Hello friends! I am Arka Bhattacharya.I am a 13yr old boy living in India🇮🇳.

ARKA with his family

This site is meant for giving you some detailed cool facts & information regarding science and programming. I’d be happy if you kindly like my site & follow it. Browse through the posts from my posts page to see if any post could help you. And to know about me, visit about page.

Arka & brother during sacred thread ceremony.

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Quiz question#2

Well, for many days I was inactive….still that doesn’t matter much. I ‘m out with 2nd version of quiz question / Answer to previous version: The leaves of tamarind contain tartaric acid, which mixes with the soil and makes it acidic . That is why usually very less plants thrive there. TODAY’S QUESTION: Well… SoContinue reading “Quiz question#2”

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Arka Bhattacharya is a 13 year old boy who studies in RKMV NDP. He likes to compose poems, and plant plants in his offtime. Learn about him from “abouts” page.

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